Skateboarding Tips for Beginners


Skateboarding, in simpler words, is the activity of riding a skateboard. A skateboard is basically a rectangular plywood piece (deck), which is fitted with four small-sized wheels on the underside. Nowadays, new versions are available with many other optional components. It is viewed by many as a recreational activity or a type of extreme sport. Rarely, it is used as a means of transportation. A person participating in this activity is called a skater/skateboarder.

This sport is and has been a favorite with extreme sports enthusiasts. It has fascinated several youngsters over the last few decades. According to a survey conducted, majority of the skateboarders are males under 18 years of age. The growing popularity of this sport does not mean that there is no risk involved. If you are a first timer, then you should follow certain safety measures.


» The first step is selecting the right board and proper gear. As a beginner, you should choose a thick and heavy deck with less curvature. With such a board, you are less likely to slip off, and it

Boxing Training Tips

360602-38429-32Trying to get even for the lost boxing bout last week? Read below to gain some vital tips to train with, which will help you achieve success.Ever since the beginning of time, men have been hitting each other with their fists. Boxing is the modern avatar of that prehistoric urge to fight, and that transformed it into a sport in which two boxers have a go against each other wearing boxing gloves, for a series of one to three minute rounds. Points are awarded for each legal blow that lands on the opponent, and a winner is declared based on who is left standing in the ring, or the boxer who has the most points. While it’s a physical and sometimes brutal contact sport, wherein blood is often seen in the ring. It is also sometimes called the sweet science because of the agility, grace, and speed required of boxers.

This article will offer tips and advice on becoming a competitive boxer. You will learn a few training techniques used by boxing coaches, including shadow boxing, jumping rope, and using a speed bag.

Table Tennis Rules

397400-513-51Table tennis is a very popular game that is played on a table, with a racket and a ball. It can be played between two players (singles) or even between 2 teams of two players each (doubles). The game originated in Great Britain in the 1800s, and is now a popular sport all around the globe. It is governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) that was founded in 1926, which is also responsible for all aspects regarding international rules. The game was included in the Olympics in the year 1988, with the dominant forces being countries like China, South Korea, Japan, and Sweden. Here, we will talk about the important rules of table tennis, and how the game should actually be played.

The game commences with a toss, and the winner gets to decided whether he would like to serve, receive the serve, or choose the side of play. The server holds the racket in one hand, and the ball in the palm of the other hand, which is known as his free hand, which needs to be higher than

Basic Bowling Tips

Are you a beginner who wants to learn the basics of bowling? Assuming that you know the rules and the basic terminology, here are some tips for beginners and kids.Bowling, a sport enjoyed by many, is popular in most parts of the USA. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the more you play, the more you enjoy it. Here, we give you some tips and techniques which would help you to improve your game.

Tips for Beginners
As a beginner in bowling, you should concentrate not only on physical preparation, but also mental preparation. Both these aspects are necessary to master the game.

First and foremost, you need to be perfect with the straight ball, and try to be consistent with it. The straight ball may be difficult for some, but it gets easy with practice. If you can hook or curve the ball already, it is even better. A natural curve is of great advantage, so try to attempt it a lot. If you master this, you will be scoring spares sooner, compared to the other beginners.

The next important aspect is your delivery, and the number of steps you take in the approach. For this, you need

Basketball Tips and Tricks

Basketball is arguably one of the most fast-paced and physically demanding sports. Here are a few tips and tricks related to basketball.It was the last few minutes of the game. Our team needed to score – desperately. One basket and we would get the two points we needed to win. Our team regained the possession on the rebound, our center playing to perfection, not letting our opponents get the ball after they had scored. Our team had to transition quickly from defense to offense. The center, while still up in the air, turns her head toward the sideline of the court where I am waiting, without any defender marking me, screaming for a pass. Before she hits the ground, she passes the ball to me and I am off, dribbling the ball like mad.

I had the target in my sight and range, the basket into which I must shoot, my opponents swarmed all around me, my team took up strategic positions. Then a thought came inside my head – should I pass, or should I shoot? There was no time to think. Time was ticking away, and the referee already had the whistle in her mouth. And then

Wrestling Tips and Strategies

It is not only about muscles, but also about brains and smart strategies, when it comes to one the most popular sports in the world – wrestling. For some effective wrestling tips and strategies, keep reading.It is not surprising that wrestling has become one of the most popular sports in the world that attracts millions of fans and merges successful merchandise and televised events. One of the major powerhouses of professional wrestling is the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and it has attracted ‘loads’ of fans over the years and the number is still increasing. This sport is a form of an ancient martial art, wherein, wrestlers followed techniques such as clinch fighting, throws, and takedowns, joint locks, pins, and several other grappling methods. Although the bout is more physical by nature, it also requires some ‘play smart strategies’ to gain an upper hand on one’s opponent and maintain a superior position. This game centers around the wrestlers being equipped with gymnastic moves, extensively trained, mentally smart, and physically strong and well-built.

Tips On Wrestling

  • One of the most important strategies of wrestling is not to be apprehensive about the outcome of the match, but to focus

Jet Ski Safety Tips

The following jet ski safety tips will make sure that all water sport lovers would be safe while riding this powerful watercraft. Learn what are the different safety tips people need to follow while riding a Jet Ski.Most people who love adventure and thrill in life are big fans of water sports. There are various water sports which people love, but nothing beats the excitement of riding the super fast Jet Ski. Riding a Jet Ski is one of the most amazing things that a person can do on water, but if not handled properly this fast ride is enough to cause serious injuries. Jet Ski is actually a brand name given to a personal watercraft (PWC) which is manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan. Though many people call it an easy and fun machine to handle, people who have ridden Jet Skis before know the power of the machine and never advise beginners to drive it at high speeds without safety gear.

Precautions to consider while Riding a Jet Ski

It’s almost summer and most people would head out to the shores for some fun and water games. There are high chances that people would also go and give

Archery Tips

Archery is a fairly popular sport, one that not only requires skill and technique, but also mental preparation. The tips given here will help you with the little things that matter when handling a bow and arrow.Most of us have at least once in our childhood played games inspired by the medieval times. Ever since Robin Hood popularized this sport, we as kids and adults are hooked on to archery. Things have changed a lot since the days of Robin Hood, because these days, we don’t have to rob the rich to feed the poor, and also, bows and arrows have come a long way since then. This is one sport where the mind does 85% of the work, while the rest is taken care by following the correct technique.

One of the most important tips is to get the equipment that suits you the best. Bows are categorized according to weight. If a bow is say 60 lbs, it doesn’t mean that it weighs that much―that is the amount of strength needed to draw it. So, if you are a beginner in archery, pick one that is suitable for you. One that is around 35 lbs should be

Skiing Tips for Beginners

Skiing is a fun sport and a great way to spend time outdoors in the snow. For those of you who have just started trying this activity out, find some helpful tips here that will help you get started.Although skiing over the pristine white snow peaks seems like an adventure you cannot wait to begin, you must need to know a few basic rules and tips before getting started. These will ensure that you are well-prepared for the task that lies ahead of you.

Useful Tips for First-timers
First, let me answer your questions about the dress code and the gear that you will need. While trying skiing for the first time, it is always better to rent all the gear rather than buying it. The gear is quite expensive, hence, you would want to make sure that you like the sport before you actually invest money in buying any equipment.

While renting skis, make sure that they are 20 – 30cm shorter than your height. As for the boots, try to find a pair that is comfortable for your feet; the shoes should leave enough room for you toes to move, but your heel shouldn’t be able to come

Trap Shooting Tips

It is not easy to hit a skeet or clay pigeon in trap shooting, unless you have practiced your heart out. Here are some tips that will help you in your quest.Trap shooting refers to one of the 3 forms of clay pigeon shooting, along with skeet shooting, and sporting clays. Simply put, it involves shooting and breaking a moving target prior to it hitting the ground. Initially, when this sport started, live pigeons were used. But then those species of pigeons came under the threat of extinction, which lead to the introduction of fake pigeons. Now, clay pigeons are used for this event. There are several versions―Double Trap, Olympic Trap, Nordic Trap, and Down the Line. In the USA, American trap shooting is the most popular form of this sport.

Don’t be Trigger Happy!
This is a very fundamental and important thing. The trigger should not be handled or fidgeted with, till the gun is properly mounted, pointing in a safe direction, and is ready for shooting. So ideally, you should keep your finger out of the trigger guard and off the trigger.

Focus, Again
Consider pre-focusing your eyes with high intensity to see if the target is slowing

Shadow Boxing Tips

When you talk about boxing, it is difficult to have a conversation without mentioning the legends of this sport, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, and Rocky Graziano. Their dedication, intense passion, unique skills, and years of hard work and sweat brought them the fame they deserve. With hours, days, months, and years of practice, many young boxers and future hopefuls wish to become like them, and hope for one day they can earn the same respect these legends hold today. However, you can’t just start punching speed bags or punching bags and call yourself a boxer. Your passion for boxing comes from within and it has to transform into the way you accept it into you. By following proper boxing techniques, you can become a powerful boxer.

There are various tips and techniques used in boxing. Shadow boxing is one of them. Students of boxing, and even professional boxers, are taught how to shadow box so that they can apply this exercise into the sport. In the following article, we will be taking a closer look at what this style of boxing is and also go over some important tips.

What is Shadow Boxing?


Indoor Rock Climbing Tips

If you are someone who is interested in adventure sports or extreme sports, especially something like rock climbing, but cannot take out time to go rock climbing outdoors or live in an area where there is no rock landscape that will allow you to indulge in such an activity, then indoor rock climbing is a very good option for you. There are many people who live in cities and towns, who are opting for indoor rock climbing as an alternative to the outdoor version of the same. While the difficulty level never matches up to the hurdles that you will face outdoors, the practice and the physical exertion are good pros that work in its favor. Using experts tips while pulling yourself up these artificial structures will ensure that you do not hurt yourself. Most of the structures that are used for indoor rock climbing are made to resemble the terrain of mountainous structures, They are generally high walls with holds, and pockets and knobs for footing. Wood is the material that is used mostly to make these structures, while the holds are generally made of plastic. This sport is perfect for beginners, as it allows them to

Safety Tips for Skydiving

Safety first is a rule to live by in any activity but with extreme sports, safety becomes a very prominent issue. Each extreme sport has its own set of rules and safety guidelines that should be followed to reduce the occurrence of injury or fatalities. Below is a listing of some rules and tips, that should be followed in the sport of skydiving.Extreme sports are called extreme for a reason: they push you to your physical and mental limits in terms of exertion and strength. They are also often more dangerous than your average game of football. But the thrill and the uniqueness of such sports is like no other. That being said, one such extreme sport that challenges an individual’s sense of fear, at the same time fulfills an elemental dream of man (to fly), is skydiving.

Skydiving isn’t just falling out of a plane with a parachute on. It’s more like “falling with style” where an exact science and technique goes into the jumping, deployment of the parachute and landing. Agreed it is not the safest of sports but the occurrence of fatalities while skydiving has been greatly exaggerated, with a fatality rate of 0.0001% or approximately

Ice Skating Tips and Techniques

Ice skating is an exciting and aesthetic sport which evolved in the European nations of Netherlands and Scotland. Originally, it was used as a means of transportation across frozen lakes and ponds in winters.
Ice skating enthusiasts use skates with steel blades to slide on the ice. The first ice skates were made in 3000 BC. Honed animal bone was used in making these skates, and it was attached to the shoes with leather straps. In fact, the origin of the word ‘skates’ is Dutch. They used to call it ‘schaats’, which means ‘leg bone’. Iron blades were first made and used in Holland, in 1250 AD. It garnered popularity as a winter sport among the Europeans in the 17th century. The International Skating Union is the authoritative body governing the sport, and oversees all the international ice skating competitions.

The Beginner’s Guide to Ice Skating
Always get an expert coach to assist you with the basics. A good coach helps minimize the risks involved, and also ensures you learn the correct way of skating. It is important to understand that ice skating doesn’t come naturally to everyone. A beginner has to learn it by getting used to the

How to Choose the Right Soccer Ball

All soccer balls might seem the same, but there are some major differences in the brands that you need to consider while buying the perfect one for your playing needs.Soccer, also known as football in some countries, is believed to be one of the most popular sports in the world. Watching professionals play this game is certainly fun. Many people are impressed by the skills and stamina involved in this game and decide to start playing. However, you need to know that professional are trained athletes who have the best coaching and gear. If you are thinking about starting to play soccer, the first thing to do is to choose an appropriate ball. Though it may seem that all balls are the same; they might differ in size, quality, and some other factors. Beginners might go for a particular ball by looking at its color and design, which is not a good way of choosing the perfect ball.

Tips on Choosing the Right Soccer Ball

Seasoned football professionals say that there are four factors in determining a good soccer ball: the type, size, the bladder and brand.

Type of Soccer Sport
You need to decide on the level of playing you

Badminton Tips

Badminton is a sport played by two opposing players or two opposing pairs, with racquets. The sport is played in a rectangular court that is divided by a net, and the players score points by striking the shuttlecock to pass over the net into the opponents’ half of the court.

A badminton rally ends once the shuttlecock falls to the ground. The rule is that it can only be struck once by each side, over the net. The shuttlecock is a feathered projectile that is designed with unique aerodynamic properties that cause it to fly differently. The feathers create a higher drag and cause the shuttlecock to decelerate much more than a ball. Competitive badminton is always played indoors, because the flight of the shuttlecock is strongly affected by wind. As an Olympic sport, badminton has five competitive disciplines―men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. The sport demands aerobic stamina, strength, and speed. The technical aspect of the sport requires good motor coordination.

Since badminton involves stamina and agility, you need to warmup accordingly. You could begin with a jog or skipping, and once your pulse is raised, stretch the legs, back, and shoulders

Everyone Should Know These Basic Rules for Playing Tennis

Kids are more inclined to play this grand game than ever before. For young aspirants and followers, it is necessary to understand the rules of tennis to enjoy it fully.
Basic Rules of Tennis
One player hits or serves the ball from a corner of a marked out area called a court, that is divided down the middle with a three feet high (0.914 meter) net. The opposite player’s goal is to return the ball, bouncing it no more than once in his own court, aiming for the other player to not be able to hit it. A point is gained when a player is not able to return the ball at all or he hits it out of the court. The ball is always served cross court or diagonally.
The right equipment is essential for a good game of tennis, along with demarcation of the court according to international standards. Here are the specifications.
Tennis Court

Tennis is required to be played in a regulation size tennis court. This means that it has to be 78 feet long (23.77 m) and 27 feet (8.23 m) wide (for singles matches) or 36 feet (10.97 m) wide

Racquetball Tips

This sport comes from the clan of sports played using a racquet. It can be called a cousin of tennis or badminton, or even squash. Racquetball is a sport which is played using a racquet along with a hollow rubber ball. It is similar to squash, and seems like a descendant of tennis, but is a bit different. It can be played in an indoor as well as outdoor court. What makes it different from its other sporting cousins is that, there is absolutely no obstacle―there is no net. It is a great sport to burn those extra calories and keep fit and healthy.

An interesting tip is to mix up your serves. You need not go for a power serve every time. A lob serve in between and a backhand serve can spring a surprise for your opponent. A great trick to decide what kind of serve can give your opponent is to observe his or her feet. That might give you a clue as to what your opponent is anticipating―a backhand perhaps. So if you can take a cue from that, serve to his forehand.

Shot Placing
Use the height of the ball as a guide to

A Guide on How Beginners Should Learn How to Play Tennis

Learning how to play tennis can be a lot of fun, if it really interests you. This game requires a certain amount of agility, cardiovascular fitness, and good vision.For those of you who do not know much about tennis or are just beginning to learn the basics, we’ll cover everything from the equipment to the playing part. First though, we will only mention the obvious points, like you do need a tennis court (or somewhere similar to play), a person to play with, a tennis racket, and a ball. Initially, a net is optional if you are just learning to hit the ball to the other person, but for any real game, it would be a necessity, and these items are all available at any local sports store, or for rent at a recreation area for a minor fee.
Tennis Equipment

The balls used in tennis can either be yellow, green or white. Though, in almost all official matches, yellow balls are used. The racket used is around 27″ in size. The strings of the racket should have all its stitches attached and unbroken, and cannot have any energy source attached which can affect the play. Neither can the

How to Break in New Basketball Shoes

People wondering about breaking in brand new basketball shoes should know that there is no secret to this process.If you have recently bought a new pair of basketball shoes, then it is advisable to break into the shoes by using them a few times, before you use them for a proper match. They are typically made of very sturdy leather, so they take some time to alter themselves to the shape of the wearers foot, and this can result in some foot pain while playing, along with some blisters as well.

The tendency of new basketball shoes to cause pain and restrict movement is not surprising, since the person wearing them needs to move around and jump up and down many times during the course of the game. If the shoes are not comfortable while performing these activities, it will inevitably result in some discomfort and pain for the wearer. Simply running around in new shoes that are not broken in will also cause some problems, so every purchase must be followed by a suitable breaking-in period.

Best Way to Break in New Basketball Shoes

You cannot possibly do this without wearing them, so the aim should be to put them